Texas Bengali Cultural Alliance

FOBANA New Jersey


TBCA from Austin at FOBANA, 2011 with a Huge Success

This year also Texas Bengali Cultural Alliance (TBCA) participated at the grand 25th anniversary of FOBANA convention at New Jersey, and represented Austin with large impact. It is our pleasure to inform you that, TBCA member Dr. Ahsan Chowdhury (Hero) has been elected as the “Joint Secretary” of FOBANA 2011-2012. This is the first ever that an Austinite has been elected to such a prominent leadership position in the national organization of Bangladeshi organizations in North America. It’s a great opportunity and honor for Austin as well as Texas.

Also, TBCA presented a stunning cultural show at FOBANA at prime time (8:00pm), Saturday night. One of the four TBCA performance items, a solo dance, has been awarded the “Runnerup” trophy among all the presentations of the North America organizations. As you know, TBCA cultural team has been putting together good show at FOBANA for many years – this has been a great recognition for our continued cultural endeavor and excellence. Thanks Austin for all your help and support – Cheer!!!


Duet Dance
Runnerup Dance